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Game of Politics

By Margie Mandell


Margie Mandell

Valiant, righteous, and raw...

From managing a gubernatorial campaign to running for State Committee, I have seen the inside and out of this game we call Politics. There really is no better way to describe it than a very active, exciting, and sometimes dramatic game of chess.

Our top players have no issues sacrificing the little guys to gain control of the board. We must always be five steps ahead in the game, with constant vigilance, ensuring that our king is safe and protected at all cost. The players become so lost in the game that the title of Democrat or Republican no longer applies. They play against each other, amongst themselves, as the "real enemy" becomes shrouded and obscured by the never ending thirst for power.


Game of Politics is a personal, opinion based blog  and is not affiliated with or represent the NCRC, Republican Party, or anything else in any way whatsoever.

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