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Fetterman Rally: Diverse and Delusional

By 2:00pm on Saturday, September 24th, over 200 people were lined up from the parking lot into the Spartan Center of Northampton Community College, in eager anticipation to see the Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman. It was instantly noticeable how diverse the turn out was with a wide range of ages, race, and mask wearing preferences. The Democrats sure do a good job at getting people out and excited with their “vote blue no matter who” ideology, but it appeared that Fetterman held a special place in people's hearts as a “far more personable candidate than the average politician”.

Another striking difference noted from a Republican perspective, was the amount of staff from the Wild and Fetterman campaigns. While more staff may help things run more smoothly and efficiently, the cost of excessive staffing must be considered. Then again, the Democrats do have the monetary backings from multi billionaires such as George Soros and Mark Zuckerberg during the election season. That's another strength they have that Republicans don't: money to spend.

Among the speakers were Anna Thomas, state house candidate for district PA 137, J. William Reynolds, mayor of Bethlehem, Lamont McClure, Northampton County Executive, Susan Wild, United States House of representative for Pennsylvania's 7th congressional district, and of course, John Fetterman- Democrat candidate for Pennsylvania's 2022's Senate race.

Anna Thomas, state house candidate for district PA 137

The topics of conversation were unsurprising and filled with somewhat delusional content- claiming that overturning Roe V. Wade will lead to losing other rights such as gay marriage and contraception- neither of which are constitutional rights nor under any form of attack by anyone. Some of the speakers also focused on a very strange concept that our democracy is being threatened by the Republicans claiming the 2020 election was stolen, which has a substantial amount of hard evidence, including police reports and lawsuits, proving that mail-in ballots were being illegally harvested in large numbers by people who were being paid to commit the act. No matter what side of the political spectrum a voter may be on, every American citizen should be concerned about voting integrity and election fairness.

Fetterman supporter carrying an anti-Trump sign

Speaking of mail-in ballots, Susan Wild workers were witnessed making their way down the extensive line of eagerly waiting Fetterman fans to convince voters how easily using a mail-in ballot can be; claiming all they had to do was go to the election office in Bethlehem (which is false information) and sign a form. It was uncomfortable, but not surprising, to witness the mail-in ballots being pushed so hard, after all the substantial evidence of mail-in ballot abuse. The least Wild's people could have done was give the unsuspecting Fetterman fans the right information.

Over all, however, it was a well-organized rally filled with a diverse spectrum of excited voters. A small crowd stood outside along the intersection of Green Pond and Hecktown Road representing the conservative opponents, to mostly positive reactions from vehicles driving by.

Unfortunately, questions from the audience were not taken by any of the speakers.

Me and political activist, Chadd Horton

-Margie Mandell

Freelance Reporter for WRGOA

Blogger at Game of Politics

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29 sept 2022


of course, thank you to you as well for a productive (and not rude) discussion. Let’s focus on one piece of your blog: “The topics of conversation were unsurprising and filled with somewhat delusional content- claiming that overturning Roe V. Wade will lead to losing other rights such as gay marriage and contraception- neither of which are constitutional rights nor under any form of attack by anyone.” Then let’s also jump to this: “I do however know, as fact, that not a single person in the Republican committee/volunteer voter/running for office in my county has ever even mentioned taking away gay marriage contraception. It doesn't even come up in regular, one on one conversation. It's simply just a non-issu…

Me gusta

Michael Molovinsky
Michael Molovinsky
28 sept 2022

The voters are so polarized that it matters little what the candidates do or say. The Oz/Fetterman race is a striking example. You have someone ahead in the polls who was too stupid to take his medicine, while his opponent is qualified to prescribe medicine.

Me gusta

26 sept 2022

Such trite on the financing aspect of this rally. The “expensive” staff you mention are predominantly volunteers - volunteers from the Lehigh Valley. People who gave up their Saturday to attend a rally with candidates that actually communicate and articulate policies unlike the Republican candidates seeking election in this cycle Who communication skills are quite limited. The speeches were dynamic, energizing, and generated a wave of excitement and enthusiasm that rocked the stadium. Anger, fear? No. On the.contrary, no issues, non or otherwise were pushed eccept a deep belief in democracy, personal freedom, love of our fellow American, and a great big diverse group of people joined together to celebrate together that belief.

Me gusta

Lewis Ferris
Lewis Ferris
25 sept 2022

Very well written. The phoney biker, pot head, inchoherant Fetterman is going to lose, even though Dr. Oz is not popular, this Fetterman guy is scary to the avrrage voter.

Me gusta

25 sept 2022

Is the DNC corrupt? Sure. Tell the whole truth, Margie - the RNC is also corrupt. To think that Republicans aren’t generating tons of cash is delusional. You fail to mention the millions funneled in by the Koch brothers, Peter Thiel, and many other billionaire donors.

It‘s not at all delusional to believe that Republicans are going full authoritarian - in Clarance Thomas’s opinion from overturning Roe v Wade, he clearly stated the Court should revisit overturning gay marriage and contraception rights. Lindsay Graham said abortion should be left to the states to decide - now he’s calling for a nationwide abortion ban with no exceptions. So yes, Americans who are in majority favoring women‘s right to choose are afra…

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08 oct 2022
Contestando a

Today I have the rare gift of spare time, and decided to get caught up on local politics...this reads like a deranged , obsessed and failed human being who is closed off from reality, drives a school bus, and has waaaaaaaaay to much free time on his hands. Dinesh went to jail, not on election fraud, but for exceeding the allowable contribution to any one candidate in an election cycle. He was punished for supporting the candidate of his choice. I went to jail because I reported someone mugging me at gunpoint, and misspoke about the timing of one detail that involved the legal gun I fired in self defense. ....and to get away from the violent, vicious mob yo…

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